May 22, 2022

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Why your Carbon Footprint is a scam (ft. @Climate Town)

Why your carbon footprint is a scam, explained. Check out Climate Town here:

In this special Our Changing Climate video, I showcase Rollie at Climate Town’s video all about why your carbon footprint is a scam. Through this carbon footprint video, Rollie reveals how and why the BP oil created the idea of the carbon footprint. Over the course of multiple decades, BP used the idea of a carbon footprint to push the responsibility and the burden of carbon emissions onto the individual and away from their own practices. Essentially BP created the carbon footprint as an elaborate victim-blaming scheme. Your carbon footprint matters, but the reason why you have a carbon footprint in the first place is that fossil fuel companies like BP have fought tooth and nail against any kind of transition away from oil and gas.

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Source: Our Changing Climate

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