May 23, 2022

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Why is McDonald’s so cheap?

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In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at how McDonald’s cheap food exists within and has in many ways created a food system that values cheap food that forces environmental damage. Specifically, the video focuses on McDonald’s Big Mac to understand the environmental consequences of hamburger beef. The video looks at the high emissions and pollution of unsustainable CAFOs and feedlots that McDonald’s meat comes from. The video essay also looks at McDonald’s other sustainable initiatives like plant-based meats and biodegradable packaging, but ultimately McDonald’s sustainability efforts are always spurred by profit interests and not environmental concerns.

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Introduction: 0:00
The Impact of a Big Mac: 1:26
Plant-based McDonald’s: 4:35
Profit Over Environment: 5:27
Conclusion: 8:38
Brilliant Sponsorship: 10:39

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Source: Our Changing Climate

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