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Why exactly is the Earth Warming? - The Greenhouse Effect

4 Views· 02/14/23
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With those actively trying to discredit what is happening in our world today, I wanted to break down how come we are seeing such a dramatic warming of the planet and more importantly, WHY this is occurring.

What you should learn from this video:
-How temperature is determined by energy fluxes
-How changing a flux changes the temperature
-What greenhouse gases are
-How greenhouse gases change energy fluxes
-Why methane is a stronger greenhouse gas than CO2

Number sources:
Vibrational Frequencies (http://www2.ess.ucla.edu/~scha....uble/molecular_vibra
Earth's surface heat flux (https://www.solid-earth.net/1/5/2010/)

For this interested in pursuing their own additional research I suggest this online course: http://forecast.uchicago.edu/lectures.html

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