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What is the Greenhouse Effect? - The Environment for Kids (Updated Version)

2 Views· 02/14/23
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Educational video for children to learn what the Greenhouse Effect is and how it works. The Earth is surrounded by the atmosphere, a thin gaseous layer which allows part of the solar radiation to penetrate. To do that, this layer contains gases called "greenhouse effect gases", whose mission is to absorb part of that, and maintain the temperature of the planet. One of the main greenhouse effect gases is CO2, also known as carbon dioxide. In this video, children will find out that the increase of these gases is harmful for the Earth and they will look at several examples related to the cause of this increase like the Industrial Revolution, traffic, electricity consumption, factory production, massive farming or wildfires. At the end of the video, children will be able to explore ways to prevent this situation from getting worse like recycling, using renewable energies, electric transportation or reducing the use of plastic containers.

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