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Secret Hero: Ukraine's Heroic Soldier Has Become Russia's Nightmare!

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When does a hero appear? Every superhero movie has an answer to this question. Heroes emerge at the toughest and most dangerous times! Heroes are not afraid to take risks and risk their own lives to solve the crisis. In the Ukrainian army, a heroic soldier took a huge risk and carried out a very important operation! The Ukrainian soldier's courage stunned the Russian army!

Stories of heroism in the Ukrainian army are attracting worldwide attention. Ukrainian soldiers are changing the course of the war thanks to their brave operations! These operations are appreciated all over the world. Today, Ukrainian drones recorded the moments when a soldier fought heroically. These images have excited the Ukrainian people. As Anka Daily News team, we immediately investigated the details of this event! You can support independent journalism to continue such news! You can use the "Super Thanks" button below the video for this! Let's start if you are ready!

Videos showing the bravery of Ukrainian army soldiers are often shared on social media. But why do Ukrainian soldiers fight so fearlessly? There is a simple answer to this question: Ukrainian soldiers know very well that in order to live a life of dignity, they have to win this war, which is their right!

The Ukrainian people are showing great solidarity against the Russian invasion. Ukrainian soldiers are also affected by this solidarity. Ukrainian soldiers who want to liberate their neighborhoods from occupation are not afraid to sacrifice their lives for this cause!

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