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Science News: 3D Image of Nuclear Reactor From Muons, Germany Brings Back Direct Current & more

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Today we’ll talk about how to look inside a nuclear reactor with muons, eight new signals that came up in a search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, why Germany wants to bring back direct current, the plausibility of climate goals, what air pollution does to your brain, how to stab a potato with paper, a scalable quantum simulator, a glass sphere that imitates the sun, true stories that are more engaging than false stories, and of course, the telephone will ring.

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00:00 Intro
00:41 3D Muon Tomography of Nuclear Reactor
02:40 AI Identifies 8 New Potential Signals for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
04:12 Germany Wants to Bing Back Direct Current
06:11 Paris Agreement Goal Not "Plausible" New Report Says
07:58 Air Pollution Makes it Hard to Think
09:23 Biodegradable Non-Sogging Straw
09:38 A Scalable Quantum Simulator
11:46 A Glass Sphere Simulates the Sun
14:16 True Stories More Engaging Than False Stories (On Reddit)
15:28 Learn Science on Brilliant

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