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Russian Fortress Has Fallen: Ukrainian Army Has Hit Putin's Main Epicenter!

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As we approach the first year of the war that Russian leader Vladimir Putin thought would end in a few weeks, we continue to witness the exhaustion of the Russian army and the successes of the Ukrainian army. The Russian army is suffering heavy losses against the Ukrainian forces, which are getting stronger every day. New developments in the regions where the war is raging reveal the losses of the Russian army. One of these developments took place recently in the city of Kadiivka in Luhansk Oblast! Russian invaders were stunned by an unexpected attack!
The Russian army is using some factories and shops in the occupied territories as ammunition depots, assembly areas, hospitals and bases. The Ukrainian army can easily detect these temporary locations used by the Russian occupiers thanks to powerful systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles and the successful work of intelligence units. In addition, US intelligence also shares information and locations with Ukraine. Thanks to this strong structure, the Ukrainian army continues to blow up the bases of Russian soldiers every day!
Recently, the Ukrainian army blew up a Russian base in the city of Kadiivka and a field hospital used by the invaders! The Ukrainian military's Strategic Communications Directorate announced that the destroyed hospital was a former machine-building factory. It was stated that Chechen soldiers loyal to Chechen leader Kadyrov were in this hospital. In a Telegram post, the Ukrainian Armed Forces said: "The former dispensary of a machine-building plant was struck with high-precision weapons."
The Ukrainian army destroyed the former machine-building plant used as a base and hospital by the Russian occupiers with American-made HIMARS missiles! In the images shared on social media, it is seen that the building has been leveled to the ground. It is claimed that over 100 pro-occupation Chechen soldiers were killed in this attack.

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