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Exact HIT: Ukrainian Army Destroyed Russian Munitions With the Help of the USA!

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The Ukrainian army is making history against the Russian invaders with operations that will change the course of the war! Russia was forced to withdraw from many of the regions where the clashes intensified. Especially in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, the Russian army is suffering huge losses. The Russian army has lost almost all of its supply routes in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian army continues its successful operations in Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhia regions. There have been major clashes in these regions over the past days. The Ukrainian army repelled the attacks of the Russian invaders and went on the offensive with counterattacks! It seems that the Russian army will not be able to recover the situation!
Ukrainian authorities announced that they repelled the invasion attacks on 12 settlements in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. These areas have long been targeted by the Russian invaders! But the military personnel and ammunition needed for success are the main problems of the Russian army. In the face of Russia, which cannot achieve what it wants for many reasons, there is Ukraine, which is getting stronger day by day. The Ukrainian army shows its strength in military personnel and ammunition with its attacks against the invaders.
The Ukrainian army recently organized a comprehensive airstrike on the city of Kirovske in Donetsk Oblast. The weakened air defense systems of the Russian invaders can no longer prevent these attacks. Many of the soldiers in the area were killed in this attack, among them, it is estimated, a number of high-ranking officials!
The city of Kirovske was shaken by the Ukrainian army's airstrikes! The army had made great preparations for this attack. The US-made HIMARS missile systems, the Multiple Launch Rocket System M270 MLRS and the Soviet-made 122 mm howitzer D-30 were deployed in the areas targeting the city of Kirovske, and the time had come for the attack to take place! Ukrainian soldiers fired their HIMARS missile systems. The designated points were successfully hit with a single shot!

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