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Climate change: Are there too many people? - 6 Minute English

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What do you think is the biggest cause of climate change? We'll be discussing the controversial link between overpopulation and climate change - and whether the size of your carbon footprint depends on where in the world you were born.

This week's question
How many people are there in the world today? Is it:
a) seven billion?
b) eight billion?
c) nine billion?
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

carbon footprint
measurement of how much carbon dioxide is produced by someone's everyday activities

crunch (the) numbers
perform many mathematical calculations involving large amounts of data and numbers

mod cons (= modern conveniences)
technology and machines like cars, washing-machines, air-conditioning and fridges which make life easier and more pleasant

having lots of money or owning many material possessions

showing that you feel sorry for something harmful you have said or done

let your heart rule your head
(idiom) do something based on emotion or personal desires rather than for logical or practical reasons

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You can download audio and text here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/learning....english/english/feat

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