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China's Green Lasers Map More Than Pollution: Experts | China In Focus

4 Views· 03/23/23
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Experts are asking whether China is measuring #pollution or preparing for war, following its use of green #laserbeams over Hawaii. While the satellite is for monitoring pollution, questions arise: why measure pollution so far away? And what other kind of information can they get? Experts point to American military bases in Hawaii, as well as the fleet of submarines in the sea.

00:00 Intro
00:43 China’s Green Lasers Map More Than Pollution: Experts
04:04 DeSantis Warns About Biden’s Aid to Ukraine
05:53 Taiwan’s Vice President Running for President; Taking Tougher Stance on China Than Tsai Ing-Wen
07:23 China Approves Law Changes Amid Possible War Prep
09:07 Ready to Fight: U.S. Teams With S. Korea for Drill
09:33 China, Russia, Iran Hold Joint Drill in Middle-East
11:07 China Fully Reopens Borders to Foreign Tourists
12:35 Petitioners Suppressed During China’s Two Sessions

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