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Big Blow to Putin from Zelensky And Ukraine: The Whole World Has Joined Forces Against Russia!

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One person can change the history of the whole world because of the decisions they make and the things they do! This has happened many times before. And today there is one person who is changing the whole balance of the world: President Zelensky of Ukraine!

Zelensky has been showing extraordinary success since the beginning of the war. In many countries around the world, citizens admire Zelensky. Zelensky fully deserves this admiration!

Since the 19th century there have been wars between two blocs in the world. The countries of the Eastern bloc, led by Russia, are fighting against the countries that today belong to NATO. The long cold war is part of this. Russia completely rejects modern theories of the state and wants to be an empire like it was hundreds of years ago. That is why it is not democratizing and is starting wars in many regions. NATO members are working hard to stop Russia.

President Zelensky of Ukraine has been one of the biggest fighters against Russia in history. When Russia started invading Ukraine, everyone thought Zelensky would flee Ukraine. Seeing the Russian army advancing towards Ukraine, Zelensky did not hesitate for a moment to resist. "They will leave as they came!" Zelensky said during a security meeting when he learned that the Russian army was advancing into Ukraine. He motivated commanders, government officials, soldiers and the people and launched a massive resistance. However, Zelensky's work started right after this stage!

The Russian army had far more ammunition than the Ukrainian army. Ukrainian leader Zelensky met one by one with the leaders of NATO member states. After these meetings, the leaders decided to send military support to Ukraine. Zelensky had such successful meetings that everyone who talked to him was convinced! Western countries sent Ukraine a large number of tanks and ammunition. Thanks to this, the Ukrainian army managed to stop the Russian invasion. But this victory was not enough for Zelensky!

Zelensky wants to liberate all the territories occupied by Russia. That is why he wants to prepare for a major counter-operation. The Ukrainian army needed advanced tanks for such a ground operation. Zelensky started talking to NATO members about this.

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