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Big Blow From Ukraine to Russia: Russian Armored Vehicles Have been Blown Up!

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The power of armies is measured by their gains in the air, land and sea. Especially in the wars of two countries bordering each other, land operations have a great importance in influencing the course of the war. The most effective equipment used in these operations are undoubtedly tanks and armored combat vehicles. This is clearly visible in the Russia-Ukraine war. Although the Russian army attacks the regions bordering Ukraine with tanks and armored vehicles, the Ukrainian army manages to repel almost all of these attacks. A new video released by the Ukrainian Security Service recently shows the blow dealt to the ground forces of the Russian invaders!
In one night, the Ukrainian army blew up 10 Russian tanks in a successful operation! Before we go into the details of this spectacular attack, we have a request for you. As Anka Daily News team, we continue to report all the developments in the Russia-Ukraine war both on the frontline and in diplomacy with our understanding of accurate and impartial journalism. You can click on the "Super Thanks" button to support our teammates and our work.
Footage of the attacks in which 10 Russian tanks were blown up was shared on the official social media account of the Ukrainian Security Service. It appears that the footage was recorded by the camera of unmanned aerial vehicles. The Ukrainian army carried out a series of attacks on the occupation zones where Russian tanks were concentrated. In this operation, which showed the effectiveness of the Air Force in the war, the Russian invaders suffered great losses. Sharing the footage of the operation, the Ukrainian Security Service wrote in its post:
"Nine or ten? Ten! Exactly how many Russian tanks destroyed the SBU "White Wolves" special forces in one night! Our specialists of the Special Operations Center "A" conducted a study of enemy equipment in the Donetsk direction. One BTR opponent also burned. Thus, 11 goals were scored on his own account! For one night. Work for a complete victory!
In the footage shared by the Security Service of Ukraine,

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