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5 Amazing Technology in Qatar World Cup 2022

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The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be one of the most spectacular world cups of all time. And that's not just because of its competitive matches but also because of the fantastic technology employed.

Here are the five most important technologies to be used in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Seven of the eight stadiums where the 2022 Qatar World Cup takes place feature advanced cooling tech. Thanks to this technology, the atmosphere inside the stadium will be at the optimum temperature for both players and the audience. And Stadium 974 might disappear after the tournament.

Because of its modular structure, it is entirely possible to disassemble Stadium 974. In its construction, modular steel frames and cargo containers were used. The stadium's design is aesthetically pleasing and economical because it uses less material than a conventional stadium.

And, the 2022 World Cup's official playing ball, Al Rihla, is filled with cutting edge technology. A linked ball system transmits real-time data to VAR officials about the match ball. This technology is being used in conjunction with FIFA's new Semi-Automatic Offside Technology. There is the brand-new Adidas Suspension System with motion sensors in the center of the ball.
Also, in the 2022 World Cup, there are technological innovations on the field as well. FIFA has previously announced that a semi-automatic offside technology will be used during the World Cup in Qatar.

Last but not least, visually impaired football fans also have access to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. A revolutionary product called 'Bonocle converts digital content from the World Cup to braille, allowing visually impaired fans to access and enjoy the World Cup.

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