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100 DIY SCHOOL SUPPLIES IDEAS - Back To School Hacks And Crafts

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100 DIY SCHOOL SUPPLIES IDEAS - Back To School Hacks And Crafts

Fun, Cute and Easy Crafts: Girl Crafts

00:00 Kawaii Organizer from Pringles Box
02:05 Sponge Bob Blue Pouch Idea
02:36 Blue Pink Pencil Case Idea
03:10 Mini Books Pencil Decor
03:59 Yummy Biscuit Notebook
04:34 Purple Heart Bookmark Idea
05:05 Mini Cute Notebook Idea
05:39 Froggie Bookmark Idea
06:03 Glowing Heart Pencil Idea
06:39 Colorful Button Pins
06:57 Beads Pencil Decor Idea
07:59 Cutie Pink Organizer Idea
08:35 Sweet Watermelon Notebook Cover
09:07 Amazing Star Pen
09:47 Cute Pink Pen Pencil Case
10:17 Mickey Mouse Pen Idea
10:59 Cutie Rabbits Bookmark Idea
13:02 Sea ​​Window Notebook Cover
13:03 BFF Handmade Mini Notebook
13:56 Mini Monkey Pencil Decor
15:14 Cute Avocado Organizer Idea
17:27 Sloth Pencil Decor Idea
18:00 Cats Cloth Pencil Case Idea
19:02 m&m Chocolate Notebook
19:47 Super Cute Mini Milk Bottles
20:25 Amazing Milk Bottle Pencil Case
21:20 Handmade Unicorn Folder
23:25 Pink Chocolate Notebook
24:16 Handmade Panda Sticky Note
24:56 Converse Mini Notebook
26:01 Cute Star Pencil Decors
26:37 Panda Notebook Cover
27:23 Minions Notebook Cover Idea
28:14 Bookmarks with Watercolor
29:07 Glitter Unicorn Notebook Cover
30:21 Star Pencil Decor Idea
31:24 Cute Paw Pencil Decor
31:50 Panda Sharpener Idea
32:34 Cuti Emoji Pencils
33:16 Organizer with Drawers
34:13 Cool Unicorn Pencil Case
35:05 Ice Cream Pen Decor
35:34 Pink Ice Cream Organizer
37:18 Emoji Pencils
37:56 Cutie Cat Bookmark Idea
38:55 BLACKPINK Pencil Case
39:43 Handmade Bookmarks
40:26 Phone Notebook Cover
41:42 Face Cream Pencil Idea
42:47 Handmade Cactus Pen
43:23 Notebook Cover from Old Pants
43:53 Paper Craft Pencil Case
44:34 Banana Ruler Idea
44:53 Pringles Mini Notes
45:33 Cute Pink Organizer Idea
46:12 Mini Cow Bookmarks
46:33 Pink Burn Notebook Idea
46:48 Fried Potatoes Pencils
47:17 Pink Pencil Organizer Idea
48:48 Cute Paper Mini Bag
49:52 Amazing Pizza Pencil Case
50:48 Handmade Cute Pencil Case
51:42 Pink Unicorn Notebook Cover
52:09 Amazing Rainbow Pencil Holder
53:52 Super Cool Starbuck Notebook Cover
54:15 Cute Sticky Note Organizer
55:29 Handmade Bookmarks Idea
56:00 Pink Bookshelf Idea
58:12 Cloth Bag from Old T-shirt
58:47 Funny Emoji Pencil Cases
59:52 Handmade Liquid Pencil Idea
1:00:42 Amazing Blue Pouch Idea
1:01:23 Super Ice Cream Cup
1:02:58 Pineapple Sharpener
1:03:40 Kawaii Paper Wallet Idea
1:04:10 Leaf Notebook Cover Decor
1:04:28 Cutie Cats Pencil Organizer
1:06:02 Mini Heart Bookmark Idea
1:06:40 Unicorn Wall Decor Idea
1:08:26 Cutie Cloud Notebook Cover
1:08:53 Unicorn Cork Board Idea
1:09:13 Watermelon Ruler Idea
1:10:13 Colorful Paper Bookmarks
1:10:36 Handmade Cactus Pins
1:11:27 BT21 Cooky and Koya Wallet Idea
1:12:23 Paper Craft Cutie Milk Bottle
1:14:27 Kawaii Cup Cake Organizer Idea
1:16:33 Star and Cloud Pin Idea with Clay
1:18:03 Rabbit and Panda Pencil Decor
1:19:24 Cool Pineapple Notebook Cover
1:20:39 Handmade Fluffy Bag Idea
1:21:19 Super Ice Cream Organizer
1:22:15 Paper Fan Pencil Idea
1:22:56 Handmade Carrot Pen
1:23:29 Donuts Notebook Keychain
1:24:08 Pink Heart Bookmark Idea
1:24:38 Pink Rainbow Notebook Cover
1:25:17 Flamingo Pencil Decor Idea
1:25:40 Pencil Holder from Clay
1:26:10 Handmade Pencil Ruler Idea
1:26:30 Pop It Notebook Cover Idea
1:27:02 Fluffy Notebook Cover Idea
1:27:21 Amazing Planner Idea
1:27:50 Feathered Bookmark Idea
1:28:11 Puffy Pencil Case Idea
1:28:44 Colorful Bookmarks Idea
1:29:20 Unicorn Transparent Ruler
1:30:28 Scrunchie Stand Idea
1:31:08 Piggy Bank Moneybox
1:32:26 Handmade Mini Notebooks
1:34:57 Glowing Mini Bag Keychain
1:35:44 Kawaii Pink Rabbit Pencil Case
1:36:55 Pencil Case from Book Page
1:37:23 Keyboard Notebook Cover
1:37:46 Craft Notebook Cover
1:38:04 Cork Notebook Cover
1:38:23 Planner Board Idea
1:38:54 Cute Cups Pencil Decor
1:40:42 Kawaii Basket Idea
1:41:33 Ice Cream Pencil Case
1:42:04 Encrypted Organizer

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