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Complete Do It Yourself (DIY) Dry-Stack Outdoor Fireplace. I have to give credit to Uncle Dave's Frontier. I took his plans and built my own. This fireplace works amazing. Just like an indoor fireplace. You do not have to worry about smoke getting in your face. And it is the perfect edition to our backyard pool.

Diagrams at the end of the video for each layer with complete block count and materials list. All materials were purchased at Lowe's Home Improvement with my Military/Veterans Discount. I had to make 3 trip to get all the blocks home. My 12' lawn trailer had a max load of 2000lbs. It took me and my boys about 2 hours to unload and stack the blocks. You can learn how to build your own dry-stack outdoor cinder block fireplace for less than $300.

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En esta ocasión, Linda le da un toque simple y muy práctico a la nueva cocina de Guzzi, creando un huerto y un recetario. Los tips que te enseñarán, seguro harán que tu cocina tenga ese toque personalizado y con mucho color.

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Note : updated version here:

Easy to assemble do-it-yourself portable ventilator based on driver drill. With this setup - you can control the speed manually. Also, you have to change the battery manually.

This is just an idea - not a finished product. I hope that nobody has to use a DYI ventilator.
What we usually do - you can see here:

This is a sketch of the dimensions:

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if got any questions please let me know.

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How to make a giant teapot. Spray paint and decorate as desired.
Handle and spouts are made from Styrofoam heart wreaths from any hobby store I used the large wreath for handles and large and/or medium for spouts.

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Per realizzare questo cuore potrai ulizzare la guida Love che trovi sul mio

circa 50cm di braided da 8mm

e circa 50cm di corda single twist da 1,5cm
che puoi acquistare sempre sul mio shop nel colore che preferisci.

Il cordino di chiusura è a tua discrezione, puoi utilizzare la corda che hai utilizzato per arrotolare la braided8mm oppure un chiudi pacco in oro dallo spessore di 1mm

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BUS conversion~under $4,000!!! DYI In 8 weeks! *PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and hit the LIKE button😍!
2000 GMC Savannah Cutaway/5 window/Gas. Paid $2,500 with 79,000 miles on the engine. Runs Beautifully !

I put my heart and soul into this project and I'm soooo proud to share it with you. I appreciate your time in watching. Please follow along as I find cool eclectic pieces, show you how I transform them and use them in my bus and home !!! "THRIFT FINDS & DESIGNS" Camping, tailgating and overnight stays for distant 12 hour hospital shifts and more...I'm new to this and I would love to have some company...Come along !

I bought this little bus in 2020. My twins were heading off to college and I was quarantined from my family (ICU Nurse). Timing was perfect. This is a longtime dream of mine. My conversion took approx. 8 weeks, and I did every inch myself...It's a simple conversion but exactly what I wanted and all I need... I spend a lot of time in my bus as mentioned above. It's my space and much needed... Thank you for allowing me to share with you!

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I created these smartphone amplifiers that will open up and amplify the sound from your smartphone. They are passive so they require no electricity and you can put them wherever you like. They are also a beautiful home decoration and attract a lot of attention.

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HOMEMADE DYI FACE POWDER. I was getting low on my personal stash of face powder and wanted to share this super simple way to make your own homemade face powder. I will personally never buy store bought again.

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Learning and preparing for whatever is ahead. Each day brings new adventures both good and bad, but that's how we learn right. Preparing today for tomorrow is how we will Survive Better Together. Thank you so much for believing in us and supporting us through this journey!
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Gerade in LKWs sieht man immer wieder leuchtende Schilder mit z.B. dem Name des Fahrers. Meist bestehen diese Schilder aus einer LED Matrix. In diesem Video zeige ich dir, wie du so ein Schild für deinen Modell LKW erstellen kannst. Die Technik ist aber bestimmt auch für viele andere Anwendungen auf der Modellbahn verwendbar. Alles was du dazu brauchst ist etwas kostenlose Software und eine CNC Fräse.

00:00 Einleitung
01:34 Installation Schriftart
03:25 Erstellen Schild in Incsape
08:12 Erstellen CNC Programm
19:28 Fräsen der Bauteile
37:16 Zusammenbau Schild

Software/ Schrift:
*Bohrer 0,1mm:
*NT-Cutter D-1000P:

CNC Fräse
Meine CNC Fräse (Nachfolgemodell):
Absaugung (Nachfolgemodell):
Plexiglas LED 3mm:
*Polystyrolplatte 0,5mm schwarz:
*WS 2812 RGB LED:
*UHU Stick:

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Watch me put together this adorable DYI, Spring Florid, Miniature Dollhouse 2021! Now that I have done a few DYI Miniature Dollhouses, I've learned a few new tricks that help me. Hopefully one will help you. Ok let's have some fun! @monettmchazlettermis

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Join John for today’s #MakerFun: Composting for beginners! In our effort to reduce food waste entering our landfills, we can reduce and reuse this material as compost. Along with lessons about what to compost, you and your caregivers can build your own backyard composting space. Let's get started!

Here are some considerations:
Distance from kitchen
Sun exposure
Water source
Soil source

The composter will be open on one side for access, but enclosed on three sides to contain the soil and compost mixture. You will also need some sort of middle divider after your first year to separate our “fresh” compost from “aged” compost.

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DYI || How to make Mini Yarn Pom Poms

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Dumelang, le kae?

I hope you guys are well, so in this video I will be doing 4 projects to make your homes beautiful. I do hope that you enjoy this video. Make sure to watch Part 2 where I will be showing you guys how to decorate using these items I made. Enjoy!


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Oi gente! No dyi de hoje trago ideias criativas reciclando caixa de leite mais um do lixo ao luxo, confira o passo a passo no video.


⚡Material usado
caixa de leite
cola branca
tecido a sua escolha
palito sorvete
decoracao a sua escolha

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Oi, eu sou Ana Meu maior prazer e ajudar pessoas reciclar materiais que vai para o lixo, e assim ajudando o meio ajudando o meio ambiente que e possível com mátrias simples você mesmo fazer e dar significado ao lixo .
Sejam muito bem-vindos(as) ao meu canal :)

#dyi #caixadeleite #artesanato #dolixoaoluxo #decoracaogastandopouco #anapaulacamilo

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Vamos renovar todo o seu armário! Não importa se você não tem roupas novas. Hoje vamos te ajudar a dar um toque especial a qualquer peça de roupa que você tenha. Você pode fazer tudo manualmente e com materiais de vários tipos. Com essas ideias, seu estilo será único e você terá peças exclusivas. Está pronto para deixar seu lado criativo aparecer e se expressar ao máximo? Divirta-se com esses projetos DIY e convide seus amigos para se divertir com você enquanto transformam suas roupas. Vamos começar!

No vídeo a seguir, você encontrará decorações fáceis DIY para camisetas e ideias legais para customização de roupas. Vamos te ensinar algumas ideias fáceis para se destacar usando glitter nas suas camisetas. Desafiamos você a usar calças velhas ou uma camiseta nova para fazer uma estampa padronizada. Use uma folha de árvore para dar um toque especial às suas roupas. Você também pode se divertir com tinta spray. Você ainda pode usar flores frescas para decorar seu closet.

01:59 - Truque com flores
03:43 - Desenho com alvejante
05:28 - Carimbo de concha
07:05 - Estampa de natureza
08:34 - Truque com papel

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