August 12, 2022

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US, UK Tanzania, Russia


Miami Beach

8pm-6am curfew

Probably until 12 April

Hard-partying crowds, trashed restaurants, brawled in the streets

Gathered in thousands without masks or social distancing


Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases

Cases per 100,000 per week = 103.9

Threshold, intensive care units can no longer keep up, 100


ICU patients at highest level this year

The number of people in intensive care units with + 66 = 4,353

New high for 2021


Serum Institute delay, Brazil, Morocco, Saudi Arabia


President John Magufuli, aged 61

Sceptics, spiritual approach, herbal-infused steam therapy

Mocked the efficacy of masks

Expressed doubts about testing


Ben Wallace

We can’t be deaf and blind to what’s going on outside the United Kingdom

Decreases level off, (Zoe)

Based on 6565 antigen tests and a million reporters

Cases, + 4470 (over the past week)

Last week, + 5,494

Down, 18% from last week

Down, 93% from a peak of 69,000

Prevalence, 1 in 823 people in the UK currently symptomatic

Prevalence, 1 in 1369 school-aged children

UK R value is close to 0.8

England, 0.8

Wales, 1.0

Scotland, 1.0

ZOE has found no link found between COVID vaccination and risk of blood clots

Tim Spector

After steady falls at the beginning of the week, we’ve seen cases levelling off in recent days,

especially in Scotland, Wales and the North-East of England.

This is to be expected after reopening schools across the country and is no reason to worry.

We’re keeping a close eye on cases in school-aged children and so far there’s nothing alarming about the data.

I believe we’ll see case numbers holding steady for a little while before cases drop again.

Comparisons in data collecting modalities

Russian death toll

Cases, 4.4 million

Deaths, 93,457

Population, 144 million

Most restrictions lifted in June, 2020

Facemasks mostly worn in public

Demographer Alexei Raksha

If Russia stops at 500,000 excess deaths, that will be a good scenario

Calculates that the current toll is nearing 450,000

In Covid, you choose between the economy and people’s lives – mostly older people’s lives

The Russian state chose the economy. They won’t say it, but it’s obvious

Perm, Autumn 4 months figures

Official deaths for whole pandemic = 1,869

Rosstat, CoViD deaths, 2,388

Excess mortality in Perm: 5,683

In 2020: 40,123

In 2019: 34,440

Anatoly Kasatov

Chief doctor, Perm Regional hospital

You can’t leave people without work. Obviously, the best protection would be a spacesuit, but you can’t wear that for a whole year. So we look for a reasonable balance

Sputnik V

4 million doses so far

Health ministry target of 60% of all adults in six months

Levada Centre, 30% of Russians willing to receive Sputnik V

Down 8% since rollout began

President, not vaccinated as far as known

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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World News

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