November 28, 2021

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“Squid Game” inspires biscuit-making contest at Beijing bakery

A Beijing bakery has introduced a biscuit making challenge in its store inspired by the smash-hit Netflix show, “Squid Game.”

For 58 RMB (just over CA$11), customers can pretend to be a character in the smash-hit show by taking part in a challenge involving making “dalgona” – a Korean treat made up of sugar and baking soda, shaped into biscuits with a shape in the centre. The player must then remove the shape from the biscuit without breaking it.

There is no penalty for failure and no prize for success unlike in the TV show, which is famous for the brutal penalty of death that eliminated contestants face.

The bakery’s owner, herself a big fan of the show, said on Saturday that the aim is to offer fellow fans a safe and fun way to get involved.

"Our customers are mainly young people and young people make up many of this show’s fans", said Hao Jing, owner of the DIY Bakery & More store. "So I think if people wish to have a go themselves, then we can let them do that in our store."

Hao is also hopeful that as more people hear about this, and as more people watch the show in China, her bookings will increase even more.

“Squid Game” has become Netflix’s top debuting show and one of the platform’s most-watched series.

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News Source: Global News

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