November 27, 2022

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UK, awaiting rule change for 2 dosers

Indoor gatherings

Wales, 3rd May

England, Scotland 17th May

NI, 24th May

Prof Jonathan Van-Tam

If two people who both had two doses of vaccine,

and have both served at least 14 days after their second dose,

then I would be highly confident scientifically that if they were reputable vaccines then
indeed it would be incredibly safe for those two people to meet

Paul Hunter, Professor of Medicine, University of East Anglia

True just now with B117

The issue is variants with escape mutations that are less affected by the vaccine,
and we haven’t come to clear understanding of what those risks are

UK, Indian or South African variants yet to make an impact

22nd April


Cases, + 379,257 + 386,452 + 401,993 = 19,100,000

Deaths, + 3,645 + 3,523 = 211,853


All adults now eligible

Was over 45s

One dose, 10%

Two doses 1.5%

India / Australia

Criminal offence for citizens to return home, from Monday

India / US

Restrictions from 4th May

Most non-US citizens, India within the last 14 days will not be allowed into US

India / France

First case was detected in Lot-et Garonne, in southwestern France

The patient is currently hospitalised in Bordeaux

Two more cases in the south east – in the Marseille département of Bouches-du-Rhône.

Two people returning from India without any link to one another

10-day quarantine for arrivals from India, Brazil, South Africa, Chile and Argentina

Sequencing rate

Iceland, 78.8%

Australia, 60.3%

New Zealand, 48.5%

Denmark, 20.2%

Taiwan, 16%

UK, 8.7%

Norway, 5.6%

Vietnam, 5.5%

US, 1%

India (102) 18,000,000 (10,626) 0.06%

U.S. government, $100 million worth of supplies

US State Department, U.S. citizens to leave India as soon as it is safe to do

Spread from cities to small towns

Spread now occurring, but underreported

Corruption and black markets

Medical debt already a big problem in India

Remdesivir problem

Remdesivir for the Treatment of Covid-19 — Final Report (NEJM, 5th November 2020)

Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of intravenous remdesivir

Ten day course

Hospitalized with Covid-19 with evidence of lower respiratory tract infection

N = 1062

Remdesivir group, 541

Placebo, 521

Remdesivir group, n = 541

Median recovery time, 10 days

Need for oxygen, 13 days

Mortality by day 15 was 6.7%

Mortality by day 29 was 11.4%

Placebo controls, n = 521

Median recovery time 15 days

Need for oxygen, 21 days

Mortality by day 15 was 11.9%

Mortality by day 29 was 15.2% (HR = 0.73)

Serious adverse events

Remdesivir group, 24.6%

Placebo group, 31.6%

Serious adverse events in placebo group, 31.6%

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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