December 7, 2021

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Jungle Warfare Exercie- 3d Marine Division

Jungle Warfare Exercise

U.S. Marines with 3rd Marine Division put their littoral combat skills to the test conducting realistic force-on-force training during Jungle Warfare Exercise, 24-28 May.

The exercise pitted two reinforced infantry companies against each other, one from 2d Battalion, 2d Marines, the other from 3d Battalion, 3d Marines, simulating a realistic fight across multiple domains against a thinking, adapting, peer-level adversary in distributed jungle and littoral environments.
Marines from both units spent countless hours sharpening their skills in the harsh mountains of Okinawa, moving themselves and their equipment miles over the jagged and thickly-forested peaks, and through steep and viscously muddy draws in the landscape.

“This exercise demonstrates that III MEF is ready right now to fight against a thinking enemy in defense of an island, incorporating littoral maneuver across domains,” said Col. Matthew Tracy, commanding officer of 4th Marines and seasoned combat veteran with experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and the Western Pacific. “We are creating the most strenuous, difficult, and demanding training environments to grow our warfighting prowess.”

Integration with joint partners provided opportunities to incorporate specialized capabilities from the U.S. Army 1st Special Forces Group, U.S. Air Force 33rd Rescue Squadron, U.S. Navy Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 85, and the U.S. Space Force monitoring operations and providing feedback in support of signature management assessment.

(U.S. Marine Corps video by Sgt. Josue Marquez)

Source: Marines

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