December 7, 2021

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Increasing antibody prevalence

ONS antibody survey, May 18th

19th April

69.3% in England

63.2% in Wales

63.5% in Northern Ireland

59.2% in Scotland

Highest in the older age groups across the UK

Similar across English regions,

64.8% in the South West to

69.7% in the North West.

Infection or vaccination?

Vaccinations now

First dose 69.9 %

Second dose 39.0 %

Positive tests

Down 2.6% in past 7 days

Next stage of roadmap

Government, clearer idea of India variant threat

in a few days’ time

21st June?


Highest infection rate in UK


2 weeks ago, 13

Today, 24


Deaths, + 4,329

Highest so far

A ‘massive’ discrepancy in the death toll

Unlikely to resume vaccines exports until at least October

COVAX implications


Gujarat, patients cleared to 5 km from cost

Mumbai moved 600 Covid-19 patients from field hospitals

Two people have died in



Cases, + 206 + 335 + 240 = 2,257

Deaths, + 2

All schools closed until June


Prioritising vaccination of tourism workers

Fully vaccinating two resort areas


Offering vaccines to all adults from 7 June

Delaying second Pfizer vaccines

Birmingham University

12 weeks significantly increases antibody responses in older people

175 vaccine recipients older than 80

Received second dose of Pfizer

Either 3 weeks or 11–12 weeks after first dose

Outcomes, levels of antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein

T cells

Peak antibody levels were 3.5 times higher

12 weeks versus 3 weeks

Peak T-cell response was lower in 12 week group

But antibodies maintained for 9 weeks after second vaccine

(Other countries may have different vaccines and variants and social conditions)

Stephen Griffin, virologist, University of Leeds

People are theoretically vulnerable between their first and second jab

What’s worked in the UK is maintaining restrictions at the same time as vaccinating

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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