July 1, 2022

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High disabled and LD deaths



Federal vaccination centres open

Doses given, 55,792,000

Second dose, 15,192,000 (4.65%)

Hospitalizations, 64,535

Past 7 days


New daily reported cases, down 23.7%

New daily reported deaths, down 7.6%

CoViD related hospitalizations, down 18.4%

Test positivity rate, 5.5%


ONS data


Antibodies to COVID-19

28 days up to 1st February


18.5% of the population

8.3 million people aged 16 years and over

Over 80 years, 40.9%



Northern Ireland




Cases, W/E 6th February


Prevalence, 1 in 80

Equating to 695,400 people

(W/E 30th January, 846,900 people)


One in 85

Northern Ireland

One in 75 people


One in 150 people

Deaths, W/E 5th February

+ 7,320 for the week

Down 1,113 deaths compared with the previous week

COVID-19 still accounted for 42.6% of all deaths in England and Wales

Disabled people

24 January to 20 November 2020

At greater risk of death


Not disabled x 1

Disabled x 1.9

More disabled x 3.1


Not disabled x 1

Disabled x 2

More disabled x 3.5

Learning disability, risk of death

Age adjusted risk, x 3.5

Zimbabwe, vaccine

Covid-19 vaccination starts tomorrow…Health workers to go first

Monday, 200 000 doses of vaccines donated by China

600 000 doses to arrive next month

Vaccines from Russia, India, United Kingdom on their way



2 doses, 3 weeks apart

Beijing Institute of Biological Products

Inactivated coronavirus vaccine

Approved in China, UAE, Hungary

China, 1 million doses given

No phase 3 publication

Ongoing in UAE, Morocco, Peru

UAE, full approval, 86%

Chinese researchers, tested against variant B.1.351

Antibody response, only modestly weaker

Not yet published


SA variant, 44

Reinfections with SA variant, 3

Government, planning to launch a green certificate

Enable vaccine recipients to enter public spaces, stadiums, concert halls, performance venues

Purim on Feb. 25



SA and Brazil variants, 5% of cases

Mostly in east

More vaccination doses sent

WHO approved vaccines

Covax programme


Oxford AZ, India

Oxford AZ, South Korea

All adults, all ages

150 million doses of AZ, first quarter

2 billion vaccine doses this year

92 lower income countries

Dr Alejandro Cravioto, WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization

There is no reason not to recommend its use even in countries that have circulation of the variant

Tim Spector

450,000 first vaccine logs

Even split, Pfizer and AZ

Side effects

Pfizer, under 15% systemic symptoms

Both vaccines, higher if people have had the infection

More reactions younger and female

May not want to be having the vaccine within a few months of infection

May not need a vaccine this round


Less arm pain

More systemic side effects

Twice as many people report systemic side effects

One to two days

Mild allergic reactions

Pfizer, 1%

AZ, 2.5%


Swelling of the eyes

Fairly reassuring

Levels of protection (Pfizer only so far)

No protection at all for 13 days

21 to 30 days for full protection

68% reduction in new infections

Less severe disease if infected


Case by case, individual clinical discretion

No efficacy issue in older people, just a possible futility issue for a small number

Measured approach, 91% vaccine acceptance


Dr Susan

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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