November 28, 2021

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Global National: July 5, 2021 | BC continues to fight fires as reinforcements arrive

In our top story: In British Columbia, there are escalating efforts to get those raging wildfires under control. Nearly 100 firefighters from other provinces are set to arrive in the province Monday night and will undergo COVID-19 testing before being dispatched to communities. More than 190 fires are active with more than 60 out of control. At least two people have died in connection to the fire in Lytton and officials say it’s suspected the fire was human caused. Robin Gill reports on the race to contain the fires and how communities are coping.

New rules are now in effect for Canadian travellers. Starting Monday, fully vaccinated Canadians returning home can skip quarantine if they test negative but it’s not open season on summer vacation travel just yet. The government is still advising against non-essential travel. Abigail Bimman has the details on the changes.

Just days before the start of the much anticipated Calgary Stampede, city council has voted to repeal its mask mandate. The change isn’t fully in effect, but it will bring the city in line with the rest of Alberta and B.C. where rules ended last week. Calgary’s mayor is confident public health won’t be put at risk, but as Heather Yourex-West reports, some experts disagree.

Despite the likelihood of finding survivors going down by the day in the Surfside, Florida building collapse, officials are still calling this a search and rescue mission.

It’s the moment many Canadians have been waiting for — reuniting with loved ones after a long, long separation. With the change to travel rules for fully vaccinated Canadians, it gave couples who have dealt with the burden of being separated by a border a bit of relief. As Mike Drolet explains, there may be fewer roadblocks but they do still exist for some.

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