January 24, 2022

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Dead zones: how chemical pollution is suffocating the sea | The Economist

Parts of the ocean are being starved of oxygen by chemical pollution from land. These so-called “dead zones” not only decimate marine life, but are contributing to climate change. Film supported by Back to Blue https://backtoblueinitiative.com/

00:00 – How “dead zones” threaten the ocean
00:52 – Why was there “sea snot” in Turkey?
03:20 – What causes low oxygen in the ocean?
05:50 – How nutrients pollute the ocean
06:37 – Why farming is one of the main polluters
08:46 – The bizarre harm to marine life
10:24 – How “dead zones” contribute to climate change
12:07 – How regenerative farming can reduce pollution
16:00 – Nutrient pollution must be tackled urgently

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Source: The Economist
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