May 19, 2022

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Daughter of omicron

Omicron BA.2 Variant, is this going to be another wave?

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Original omicron, B.1.1.529

PANGO Lineage is described as a cluster of sequences that are associated with an epidemiological event,

Phylogenetic Assignment of Named Global Outbreak Lineages (PANGOLIN)

Omicron includes Pango lineage B.1.1.529 and descendent Pango lineages BA.1, BA.1.1, BA.2 and BA.3.

BA.2 is a descendent lineage

‘Omicron plus’

Identified, Philippines, then to India

Omicron sublineage BA.2

10,000 cases of BA.2, 40 countries

Potentially increased transmissibility over omicron clade BA.1

U.K. Health Security Agency, VUI

Cases doubling every 4 days

120% growth advantage over original Omicron clade

(Delta to Omicron, 500% growth advantage)

Similar growth, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, India

Does not have the same s-gene target failure on PCR as omicron BA.1

BA.2 is S gene positive

BA.1, 60 mutations

BA.2, 80 mutations

Meaghan Kall, UKHSA

no evidence at all yet that it can evade Omicron (BA.1) immunity or be different to Omicron in any meaningful way

Variants will continue to emerge, but not all variants will be a problem

Only having a transmissibility advantage at this stage of the game (with population immunity so high) isn’t a total showstopper

Little difference in vaccine effectiveness between BA.1 and BA.2

Disease severity, comparable to BA.1

Unlikely to be another BA.2 omicron wave


BA.2 now accounts for 65% of new cases

Early data, not been associated with an increase in hospitalisations


Increase in BA.2 in Oslo
Concurred that BA.2 is likely more contagious than BA.1.


Can those infected with the BA.1 get re-infected with BA.2.

French Health Minister, Olivier Veran

What we know for now is that BA.2 more or less corresponds to the characteristics that we know of Omicron

Robert Garry, virologist Tulane University School of Medicine

Variants have come, variants have gone

I don’t think there’s any reason to think this one is a whole lot worse than the current version of omicron

James Musser, Center for Molecular and Translational Human Infectious Diseases Research, Houston Methodist

The good news is we have only three

We certainly do not see the 5% and more reported in the U.K

Certainly not the 40% in Denmark

We know that omicron … can clearly evade preexisting immunity,

from both vaccines and exposure to other variants of the virus,

What we don’t know yet is whether son-of-omicron does that better or worse than omicron.

So that’s an open question.

Anders Fomsgaard, virologist, State Serum Institute Denmark

BA. 2 has become the dominant form of the virus in his nation of nearly 6 million people,

where it now accounts for about 65% of new cases

as BA. 1 is on the decline

we are not so concerned, since we so far do not see major differences in age distribution, vaccination status, breakthrough infections and risk of hospitalization.

Also, despite the high infection rate of BA. 2, the numbers in ICUs are decreasing

Francois Balloux, professor of computational biology, University College, London

BA.2 about 20 mutations apart from the original BA.1

the two omicron sub lineages are sister clades that split from other several months ago, and are not derived from each other

People infected with one of the lineages would have “robust immunity” against the other one

At this stage, BA.1 and BA.2 can be considered as two epidemiologically largely equivalent sub-lineages of omicron

COVID News Source: Dr. John Campbell

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