September 26, 2022

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Critical care units full

United States

CDC trends


Cases, + 243,346 + 266,197 + 310,080 = 21,654,108

Up 23.2% in 7 days

Testing, + 1,914,839 + 2,137,494

Up 4.9% in past 7 days

Positivity rate, 13.8%

Hospitalizations, 131,889 (23,886) (7,909)

Up 5.3% in past 7 days

Deaths, + 3,915 = 367,000

This is an underestimate


Sent out, 17.3 million

Given, 6,688,000


London ICU

Dr. Zudin Puthucheary

Full beyond bursting

More patients than we have ever had

Less staff

Rest of hospital full beyond bursting

It’s not going to be enough

Average age 60

90% were working before getting sick

30% mortality

70% disabled for years to come

Younger patients all around the country

Staff getting vaccinated

Decision making likely to be taken away from intensivists

TFL footfall double first wave

Data, 9th Jan 2021

Cases, 60,916 + 62,322 + 52,618 + 68,053 = 2,975,427

Hospitalised, + 3,600 + 3,876 = 31,624 (ventilated, 2,929)

Deaths, + 1,041 + 1,162 + 1,325 = 79,833


First dose, 1,296,432

Second dose, 21,313



Late February

80,000 per week

Finishing October

Community detection


One case new UK variant

Person released from quarantine hotel in Victoria after 10 days

Tested positive in the Queensland community

Brisbane, 3 day snap lockdown

New South Wales

One case new UK variant

Person released from quarantine hotel

Tested positive in the community, low level of infection

Five other cases detected in hotel quarantine


Quarantine now mostly 14 days

No ongoing community transmission detected

Does infection last for longer with new variant

Increased travel supervision

Reducing arrival caps, to 15th February, from 5,000 a week to 2,500

(38,000 Australians still stranded abroad)

Mandating masks, flights and airports

Masks at domestic airports

Pre-departure tests for returning travellers

Air crews, tested every week

Quarantine in dedicated facilities between international flights or for 14 days

AMA president, Omar Khorshid

New variant appears to be a greater risk of breaking out of hotel quarantine

It must be stopped before it enters the community

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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