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This Site ACN.News is part of the Area Control Network ACN was created in 2006 by me Richard Leonard with the name Area Control and the registration of the domain name ( still own by ACN today) The site was a distribution of digital goods, video news, domain names, documents, files and other multimedia content featuring news, current events, sports, weather, government news, educational news, entertainment news, live earthquakes, dining, travel, leisure, and broadcasting programs of these digital goods via a global computer network as well as a lot of niche sites.

Area Control has since evolved into a large network using 100’s of domain names and informative websites for a knowledge base of news, tips, freeware, science, information and much, much more. ACN 5 main sites:
1. Area Control | General Information about ACN (soon to be intergraded into #2)
2. Area Control Network | Main Website soon to be accepting users so you can list your websites into the Network.
3. Area Control Network Center | Used to feed our news from all of our websites. (A work in progress)
4. ACN also sells those domain names, you can view the whole list here at: Its Domains

The History of Area Control
I started Area Control around 2004 it was hosted on a free server at that time and was called Siruis Freeware hosted as .  Check out Siruis Freeware out on Wayback a site that archives websites. I would pick away at it from friend’s computers or libraries and even made a little money off of the site at times. In 2006 Siruis freeware was starting to get redirected to as I was starting to become un-homeless, I got my own computer, and I changed the name to USA Freeware hosted on  At some point during my travels, I lost Siruis Freeware and I lost USA Freeware about 2013 As you can see on wayback usa freeware archives. After I lost them someone else had it registered them for years! I have just now managed to resister both domain names again. I am keeping them now for historical reference, for Area Control Network. I spelled Siruis wrong because Sirius spelled right is the “brightest star at night” and it was hard to get that domain name at that time. As you may see in Way back at some point I started redirecting usa freeware to as it came to life from the old domain names. You will the old domain names will be redirecting to some part of the Area Control Network.

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